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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Inspiration Business Online

The Inspiration Business OnlineVision, Innovation, Policy and Working Hard is the skills and techniques that are applied by Bill Gates (Microsoft founder of the company business) and Jeff Bezos (founder of the company business Amazon.Com) since launch their new business. Both started their business from a small capital and small business up to now finally become a successful business.

At first they did not have a lot of business capital, business capital and sebelumya their small business is also not a favorite and a lot of attention. But eventually they succeeded in making a small capital business opportunities, online business software and their money into the engine of remarkable, not only for them and that its employees from their small business capital, many attempt to establish business relationship with them cheap. All started from their small capital.

We can learn from the experiences and tips on their business, especially for us who have small businesses or working capital at home and have the business capital business, start a small business, business on the internet or side business to increase revenue. Which is the business capital cost that can be developed.

Jeff started a new business opportunity from Amazon.Com garage home in the outskirts of the city sewaannya Seattle. He created the office to its new business opportunities by creating a table from the former wood doors, and four square pieces of wood that he bought from the store by building new business opportunities for its jeff.

What lessons can we take from the experience of Jeff?

initial capital for the business, start with what we can afford and try to, but that does not mean we are not committed and only try. For example, a computer or laptop does not need the most powerful, most importantly can be used to carry out and complete the job. Office can take advantage of your garage or living room corner or your room. Spend your money wisely and be successful like Jeff with small capital business opportunities into business extraordinary.

Before Bill started a new business, initially billgates also easy to start a business with a cheap dirintisnya.

What lessons can we take from the experience of Bill?

Have and build your vision for your small business, put in your mind. aware and do every step necessary to make the goal small business capital is achieved.

New business with the capital business is not a difficult thing. In the current business much cheaper and affordable business opportunities, for example on business opportunities in the online world.

Business is classified as a new business in Indonesia, and not many people know that the Internet is a business opportunity that is cheap in new business with low capital business, why?

Just imagine, we do not need offices or employees as well as tax matters that sometimes complicate the business a new small business grow.

Self-hosting with a powerful opportunity to start a business, and also the domain to start a business cheap easy, all the cheaper because the business did not need much capital.

Cheap business interest in this lot, sometimes we often see in the internet business opportunities on small capital. But be careful sometimes the small business capital is not easy, as other offline business, all businesses need, even though business is not cheap capital means we sacrifice a bit as well, with low capital business is in serious we must manage our business opportunity cheap. Do not leave us with the following half-half.

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adrin Wednesday, July 29, 2009  

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reet Saturday, May 01, 2010  

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