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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Teliad Paying Members

Tips on Increasing Income Smowtions.ComRecently joined the online business teliad. this program is the main business link text (link selling). Posting a few times this may be told the benefits of joining our program with your blog monetize this one.

Sech What benefits?

Safe from watchlist Googlebot

Most brokers provide a text link script or plugin to be installed in our blog to be able to crawl or posting keywords that will be marketed to the advertiser. eg TLA, Inlinks, Tnx, backlinks, etc. ask2link. I said, that is the script or plugin that Googlebot can detect it. That lead to a link that does not sell natural. This is a decrease in risk when follow-up PageRank text link program.

Teliad itself does not provide a script or plugin to be installed in diblog us. If our blog behavior, we simply add the link manually as blogroll in general. After that teliad provide the key to check whether the link has been inserted in our blog or not. Done only casually. Bot and his teliad this will check the active links that we attach every day. Be safe than we can from the Googlebot can also additional traffic.

Blog can also be free follow-up

Teliad own blog does not require that we should be paying list. All types of blogs can follow-up. Start a blog paid to kind of free blogspot blog, dagdigdug, blogdetik, Blogsome and more.

Blog PR 0 can follow-up

I do this he is quite cool, with a PR 0 blog can follow-up. Not only because of the PR program into consideration, such as other text link. In addition to PR Teliad also calculate the number of external links, number of internal links, the Age of the domain, Domain is listed in the DMOZ directory, Page is listed in the Yahoo directory, Number of links to this page according to Yahoo, Number of links to this page according to Google, Traffic rank for the last 3 months, Links to this page according to Alexa.

So with our PR blog that is still 0 but if the statistical data to support other value can be so large. Rather than blog on the list have nothing to Teliad it does not have its loss ... Who knows more fortunate fate advertiser have a look our blog.

Teliad can use the EURO (€) or Dollar ($)

If you want to get a pay-EURO can. Or a dollar also. This is up you. Teliad use currency EURO for the origin of the German company, so a EURO currency. Before registering to our blog Teliad, first calculating the price with our blog tool that has been provided by the Price Calculator Teliad. Teliad of this tool will give you advice how value per link in our blog. Feedback I just took what the result.

Usually to blog PR 3 suggestnya 10 €, 2 PR for about 7 € - 9 €. To Blog PR 0 or PR 1 ranged between € 4 - 6 €. Price is influenced by the position of the links on our blog (placement), whether in the sidebar, header or footer. Payment Teliad own made early each month, the same program with other text link.

Commission referral to its very sizeable

Teliad also run a referral program. Commission referral of its tolerable. As posted on the affiliate program is written, we will get a commission of 20 € for each referral. But with the referral requirements we must generate a minimum of 10 € in the first two months. So if you do not have an account Teliad before, please register immediately, through my referral link with a click here ...

For you who do not have a blog can also be follow-up Teliad. And the list of search referrals to its ². Find a referral can be programmed promo PPC or a local promotion could also free text ads on your site.

Teliad correct pay

If this is no doubt. Many bloggers who have proved it. Payment from the text link that behavior, referral commission payment until all has been. Although I have not felt the pay-Teliad because of my own I now join a new campaign ... hehehe.

OK list simply do not have no doubt the loss, in addition to our free fun prizes ber who knows success. I would like to have a blog why? or free blogs? or PR blogs still 0? So fear or PR blogs down? I have a reason again

Okay .. may be a bit of information about my online business, I hope can be useful for all of us.

teliad - the marketplace for text links

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Just For Laugh Friday, October 02, 2009  

I will try this soon, thanks dude

catharine Tuesday, May 25, 2010  

Hey ! Genuinely it’s really possible to earn money online; I really felt that this website is quite impressive and a great idea to earn hundred’s of Dollars daily.


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