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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joined, Generate Money and Free Debit Card

Joined, Generate Money and Free Debit Card

May already know a lot if we can get a debit card free of payoneer join in with the sites that become payoneer partner. But surely most people know that we can only debit card is free from the site also the many other sites that offer free debit card from either Visa or mastercard.

Here are some sites I know to give members or mastercard debit card prepaid Visa card for free as a means of payment.


This site is a form of online advertising text link. Publisher will be paid when an advertiser to buy a text link (blogroll) on the blog publisher. You will get a mastercard debit card here.


Still a family with a but the publisher will be paid only with the advertiser site review. You will get a mastercard debit card here.


CPM network that will pay the publisher by displaying a banner code from them. You will get a mastercard debit card for free from here.


An affiliate program that will pay you when the transactions occur on your affiliate URL. The amount of charge is from $ 20 to $ 100 per transaction. You will get a prepaid Visa card that will be sent to your home if your earnings have reached $ 200.


Pay per lead affiliate program. Publishernya will pay based on leads generated by the publisher. You will get a free debit card from Visa when your income reaches $ 300.

Now he is a few sites that pay with a debit card, and the card can be free only with a few members, and do "activities", hehe: D

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