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Friday, October 17, 2008

Have You Ever Got Scammed by "Internet Marketing Gurus"?

The other day, I met a guy shouting loudly "it's all scams" on a message board: "I got scammed by Internet gurus! they all cheaters! these dudes ed me wrong, sold me products I never need and flooded my inboxes with too many offers!"

Sound familiar?

Listen, I'm not kidding around.

We have all met those people that always have excuses for their own failures. They lay the blame for the fail squarely at the feet of what they call "Internet marketing gurus".

As for myself, I learned something critical after I've heard more than one hundred times people blaming the Internet gurus for the products they recommended them.

I always see successful Internet marketers make offers to their subscribers, but they aren't telling everybody is REQUIRED to buy the product.

It isn't an order you must follow, it's only a suggestion. The decisions are always up to you.

I often keep an eye on the magic tools and ebooks those gurus sell. Some are exactly what I need, so I buy them. But obviously, I don't need all those products they sell.

The fact is, you don't generally need a new product UNTIL you've finished mastering the last one that you purchased.

You DO need to buy the right tools, but before making ANY order, stop and ask yourself if it's really help you with your business, or if it's just sidetracking you.

If you haven't read all of the ebooks that contain "the answers", will the next purchase you're currently contemplating make a difference? If not, save your money...PLEASE!

Just STOP blaming the gurus!

We all hold our own success or failure in our own hands.

And here is a little advice for you...

If you're just starting your online business, focus on your existing business. If you're going to buy some products, buy only products that will help you with your business.

This is especially good advice if you are just starting to see profits from your online business. Don't eat up all of your hard earned profits by buying every newly came-out info product on the Internet.

If it'll help you with your business, and you can afford it, buy it. If it's totally unrelated to your business, you don't need it right now.

And once the profits start rolling in more regularly, then start spending some here and there on products that will help your next business venture.

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